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iArtS Museum | Toronto's Interactive Museum of Illusions!

Field Trips

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iArtS Museum | Toronto's Interactive Museum of Illusions!


Student Equity

Our museum is designed as an inclusive space where all students, regardless of their background or personal circumstances, can enjoy and engage in a rich educational experience. By providing an accessible and welcoming environment, we contribute to fostering equity by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to participate in an immersive and educational journey.


Student Inclusiveness

By providing an environment where artworks serve as canvases for self-expression. Our exhibits are thoughtfully designed to encourage students to actively participate in the creative process. We invite students to engage with the art, express their thoughts, and contribute to the narrative. This approach fosters a sense of inclusiveness, allowing each student to showcase their unique perspectives and ideas.


Furthermore, our artworks are designed with a focus on multiple students contributing their opinions and suggestions. We use posters and other visual aids that are inclusive and represent diversity, ensuring that the museum environment reflects the varied backgrounds and experiences of the student population. This commitment to inclusivity supports iArtS Museum’s goal of creating learning spaces where every student feels valued and included.

iArtS Museum | Toronto's Interactive Museum of Illusions!
iArtS Museum | Toronto's Interactive Museum of Illusions!


Student Leadership

Fostering a dynamic environment where students take on leadership roles in the creation of artworks. The student behind the camera assumes the role of a leader for a specific artwork, guiding other students in the art to create illusions and directing them for poses. This rotation of leadership opportunities ensures that all students have the chance to be leaders. By emphasizing a collaborative and inclusive approach, our exhibits promote a sense of shared responsibility and encourage students to develop leadership skills in a creative context. Empowering students to take on active roles in their learning experiences.


Student Engagement

Our exhibit requires active participation from all students, emphasizing leadership roles and hands-on involvement. Students are not passive observers but rather engage with the props, information, and each other to create their unique masterpieces. This approach encourages intellectual effort and challenges students to work through complex ideas. By fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment, our exhibit promotes meaningful engagement where students actively contribute to the creation and understanding of art. Given that this aligns with the interests of the current generation, it enhances the inclination for voluntary participation.

iArtS Museum | Toronto's Interactive Museum of Illusions!
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