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Two young female entrepreneurs excited about their new success

(TORONTO - DECEMBER 8, 2023) - A brand-new immersive art museum has opened in downtown Toronto, aiming to redefine the traditional art experience by providing visitors with a platform to become co-creators of the art. It has already earned praise as an exciting new cultural hub on King Street West.

Founded by two young female entrepreneurs, the iArtS Museum on the second floor of 580 King Street West aspires to “create an immersive and fun experience for all ages,” said Chaya Molgan, 25, the Museum Director with a lifelong passion for art and education. The museum showcases 18 exhibitions created by a diverse group of artists, each showcasing unique styles.

“This is a testament to the power of art to transport us into a world of wonder,” said Molgan. “Each mural tells a unique story where visitors can actively participate and shape the narrative”.

Diverging from the conventional museum model, the iArtS Museum sets itself apart as an interactive mural art exhibit, fostering conversations and leaving a lasting impression.”


Recent visitors have lauded the unique experience. Julian Smith, a 32-year-old Toronto-based nail technician and aspiring model, recently celebrated her birthday at the iArtS Museum with two friends, Tammy Tran and Chau Truong, where the staff made sure to orchestrate a personalized VIP immersive encounter, complete with a photoshoot.

“This was one of the most exciting birthdays I have ever had,” said Smith. “The exhibitions were fantastic and I was so surprised to find out that the staff had organized a personalized experience for us.” 

“They guided our poses and captured over 150 photos, literally turning us into masterpieces,” said Smith. “I love it. I will come back for sure.”

Ashish Gante, a 24-year-old University of Toronto pharmacy student, surprised his girlfriend, Rajvee Chavda, 25, with a memorable date to the museum for their second anniversary. Both Gante and Chavde are members of their student council and will be recommending the Museum as an excursion for their peers.

“The exhibits with physical components were our favourites,” said Gante.

“We loved using the props to make our photos look as realistic as possible. No matter your age or group size, the iArtS Museum is the perfect choice for a fun day out.”

“We are a hop, skip, and jump away from St. Andrew subway station at King Street West and University Ave, right in front of the King streetcar line and minutes from the Bathurst Street bus,” said Molgan.

“It is the perfect destination for outings with friends, dates, school trips, or a day out with the family. There's something for everyone to enjoy and create lasting memories.”

The museum’s hours are Monday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ticket prices range from $25.99 to $30.99, with free entry for children four years and under, and are available for purchase online and in person. For more information, you can visit and see photos attached.

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