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Taming Hyena illusion

Did You Know


Vocal Powerhouses

Get ready to tune in to the wild world of hyena communication! These guys aren't just laughing-they’re vocal powerhouses. Picture this: spine-chilling yells and haunting whoops echoing across the savannah. It's like a concert you never knew you needed! And get this, their laughter isn't about cracking jokes; it's all about serious business. These clever critters use their vocal cords to chat up a storm, covering everything from social status to anxiety. Some say they've got a playlist of over 28 distinct vocalizations! But whether it's 11 or 28, one thing's for sure: these hyenas are the rockstars of the animal kingdom.



With hunting skills that would make even the fastest gazelle jealous, hyenas are the champions of the chase. They're like the marathon runners of the animal kingdom, sprinting at speeds of up to 39 mph (64 kph) for miles on end. Imagine being chased by a laughing hyena-it’s like a hilarious, high-speed comedy show! And don't be fooled by their goofy laughter; these guys have muscles of steel. Despite being about the size of a large dog, they've been known to take down beasts as big as cape buffalo and giraffes. 


Wanderers of the Wild

These savvy critters have made themselves at home in various habitats across Africa and parts of Asia, from vast savannah to lush forests and even rugged mountain terrain. Their ability to thrive in diverse environments has earned them a reputation as some of the most versatile carnivores on the continent.


Powerful Jaws and Bone-cracking Abilities

Jaw-dropping revelation: spotted hyenas boast super-strong jaws and teeth that can pulverize just about anything-except horns, that is! These bone-crushing champs have been known to crack open bones nearly 2 ½ inches in diameter, revealing the delicious marrow within.


Taming the Untameable

Considering a pet hyena? Think twice! These spunky critters are a handful, especially when it comes to protecting their turf or their pups. If you prefer a furry friend with better manners, opt for a striped hyena. With proper training, they can be just as well-behaved as any other pet-just start early!


So, the next time you're in Africa and hear hysterical laughter, it might not be your neighbour, but a hyena!

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